Embroidery is a general term which referrs to the art of decorating fabric with needle and thread. There are two embroidery methods: machine-driven embroidery and hand-driven embroidery. I'm not experienced in machine embroidery as it's a technique used more in the apparel industry. Hand embroidery allows you to do a variety of different stitches. Some of the most basic stitches include backstitch, running stitch, split stitch, etc. I've done a few embroidered works, but decided to go down a level and master cross-stitching first.

Cross Stitching

Cross stitch is a form of counted thread embroidery that uses x-shaped stitches and a tiled pattern to create an imagine. Cross-stitching uses fabric, usually 14-block Aida fabric, stretched using a hoop. This type of embroidery is one of the easiest forms of embroidery to learn. Last winter, while visiting family back home, I stumbled upon multiple cross stithing videos on YouTube and immediately wanted to give it ago. Cross stitching is still very new to me, but I think I have mastered the basics. I'd like to eventually be good enough to make cross stitching a small side hustle.


In the future, I'd like to be skilled enough to mass produce a few different designs. I would like to cross-stitch and embroider designs that are related to climate change. I plan on making pins with my climate change embroidered works and donate a percentage to chartities for the enviornment. I think there is a lot that we as a race need to do for the planet and this is the way I think I can contribute.