This is a picture of Laura Villarreal at the Graffiti Park in Austin, Texas.

Welcome To My Website

Hi, my name is Laura Villarreal and I'm from Laredo, Texas. Right after high school, I moved into Jackson Hall at Texas State. At first, I thought I wanted to pursue a degree in architecture, but I wasn't aware that Texas State didn't offer that degree until after I was admitted. However, this made me venture out and figure out what else I enjoyed. After taking a few Mass Communication classes for a semester, I decided that electronic and digital media was what I was most interested in.

I moved into my apartment with my best friend, Avalon, about a year and a half ago. We got matched with two other roommates, Nicole & Aaron, and I couldn't ask for better people to live with. My unofficial 5th roommate is a stray cat, Jack, that snuck his way into our apartment one night. The latest addition to our little family is Riker, the tallest, goofiest Husky I've ever seen. It's safe to say that it gets a little wild at home sometimes.

Currently, I spend my free time cooking, embroidering, in San Antonio with friends, or in Round Rock with my sisters. I'm also currently working at Levi's in the outlets. Since I enjoy my courses and my job, it's easy for me to balance school, work, and social time. Like everyone else, I've been through some tough times, so I try to live my best life and spread positivity in everything I do.


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